The main mission and priority activities of the Association are:

  • Prevent deterioration of ecological situation in Ukraine, promoting its restoration and improvement;
  • Formation of ecological outlook of Ukrainian citizens;
  • Building of civil society in Ukraine, based on shared values, principles of environmental ethics and environmental awareness;
  • Conducting informational and educational work about environment, enhance environmental education and culture of citizens;
  • Provide legal protection of environmental and social rights of citizens of Ukraine;
  • Participate in formation and implementation of national environmental policies, make proposals to the bodies of state power and exercise control on the improvement of environmental legislation;
  • Organization of public control over compliance with environmental legislation;
  • Radiation safety;
  • Participation and control over formation of state and local plans, budgets, development programs, which are crucial for stabilization, improving the environment, provide protection and reproduction of environment, biodiversity and health of citizens of Ukraine;
  • Popularization of ecological lifestyle;
  • Organization and carrying out activities aimed at stopping activities that threaten environmental safety, biodiversity, health of citizens of Ukrain
  • Implementation of home environmentally sustainable, energy-saving technologies in all sectors of economical activities;
  • Renewal of flora and fauna funds.

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